Jaunt VR App Officially Launches in China on Xiaomi VR Headset

In the first of what will be a series of platform releases, Jaunt China publicly releases the Jaunt VR App in Chinese Market

SHANGHAI, CHINA - June 13, 2017 – Jaunt Inc., the leading producer and publisher of fully-immersive cinematic virtual reality (VR), today announced that Jaunt China, its joint venture with Shanghai Media Group (SMG) and China Media Capital (CMC), has launched a Chinese version of the Jaunt VR App in mainland China on the XIAOMI VR Headset. This is the first public release of the Chinese Jaunt VR app in what will be a series of platform releases over the coming weeks.


As the only VR company in China focused on hardware, software, content, and application development, Jaunt China launched the Chinese version of the Jaunt VR App in the XIAOMI VR store, bringing high quality immersive cinematic VR content to the Chinese market. XIAOMI, the leading Chinese tech company, became Jaunt China’s first mobile partner to go live after announcing their strategic relationship last December.

The first wave of content on the Chinese Jaunt VR app includes 16 cinematic VR titles in English, and one in Chinese. The first Chinese title is OUR SHANGHAI, a Shanghai tourism VR experience starring the famous Shanghainese actor Hu Ge. The English language titles include the Disney’s “CIRCLE OF LIFE” 360 EXPERIENCE from The Lion King on Broadway, FIFTY SHADES DARKER: THE MASQURADE BALL based on the film, the travel experience MACHU PICCHU, THE LOST CITY OF THE INCA, to name a few. All English content will have Chinese subtitles that track to the user’s viewing direction. In the coming days Jaunt China will continue publishing a steady stream of domestic and foreign cinematic VR content for its Chinese Jaunt VR app.

In addition to premiering to the public on XIAOMI VR Headsets, the first 17 titles will also be exhibited at the 20th Shanghai International Film Festival, June 17th – 26th.

"An increasing number of mobile, console, and desktop platforms are natively supporting VR in the Chinese market, which is a strong indication that VR is starting to become mainstream," said James Fong, CEO of Jaunt China. "XIAOMI is an exciting and energetic company, revered by the younger generation. We attach great importance to our collaboration with XIAOMI, and we aim to create a substantial library of VR content for viewers to enjoy on their XIAOMI Headsets.”

Jaunt China has a robust slate of Chinese language titles that will be releasing in the Chinese Jaunt VR app in the coming months. In addition, they recently launched the Global Creators Community VR video competition, organized in collaboration with Shanghai Media Group (SMG) and UCCVR. The program has received over 200 submissions of VR titles throughout the globe, many of which will be distributed on the Chinese Jaunt VR app.

“Since announcing the Jaunt China joint venture last year, our global teams have been hard at work establishing a robust pipeline in China to develop, produce, and distribute premium cinematic VR to the Chinese market at scale,” said George Kliavkoff, CEO and President of Jaunt Inc. “We are extremely happy with the results of this hard work and equally excited to start rolling out premium VR experiences into the Chinese market, expanding our existing international reach. Now that Jaunt China’s distribution channels are coming online, we are capable of reaching audiences wherever they are throughout the globe.”

Not only will Jaunt content be licensed into China through the Chinese language app, but content created in China will also be able to travel back into the English language Jaunt app which is distributed throughout the rest of the world. This makes Jaunt’s distribution and reach truly global, touching every continent, and virtually every country.

Maya Galindo, Jaunt Inc.
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