Visions of California: The First-Ever Virtual Reality Fashion Story

Together with ELLE & Jaunt, 7 For All Mankind introduces the first-ever virtual reality fashion narrative bringing to life the story of one girl's vivid interpretation of the ultimate California fantasy. Inspired by 7 For All Mankind's rich California heritage, the cinematic narrative will transport you from Paris to the Golden State in a new and innovative way where dreams are realized, desire is awakened, and style is shaped and inspired.


The Visions of California 3D Virtual Reality experience will be available for viewing on the Oculus Rift using a Mac or PC later this week. Alternatively, you can view the full film in 2D and get style inspiration at 

Android users

The 3D Virtual Reality experience is available on Mobile devices by downloading 7 For All Mankind's Visions of California App. The Android version is currently available on the Google Play Store. 

iPhone users

Visions of California is not yet available for iPhone, but will be released soon. Sign up below to receive an email update when it is available for iOS. 

setup instructions for mobile users

  1. Make sure your device is connected to a wifi network, and download the content onto your phone. 

  2. Connect headphones to your device, turn volume up to a comfortable level, and have your cardboard viewer handy.

  3. Open the app by clicking on the app icon.

  4. A series of screens will appear, telling you to put on your headphones and “select” to start. In order to start, simply tap the screen once. Then place in the cardboard viewer.

  5. The first time you watch the video, it may buffer due to downloading.  

  6. Be sure to look all around you!


  • If you do not have a cardboard viewer, you can order one here or watch the video in 2D. Once you open the app, use the “pinch” gesture on your screen, and the two images will collapse into one. You can then move your phone around to explore the 360 video.

  • If you have any questions or problems, email for assistance.