Jaunt ONE (J1-24G) is the first professional-grade camera
system specifically designed for capturing high-quality 360º,
stereoscopic, cinematic VR experiences. Built from the
ground up with visionary VR creators in mind, Jaunt ONE
features 24 camera modules with frame-sync, global shutter,
10-stops of dynamic range, and custom 130º FOV lenses
with a fixed f/2.9 aperture.

360° spatialized audio is supported through ambisonic field
recordings, or in post using the Dolby ATMOS toolset.

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Jaunt ONE is available for purchase via certified resellers AbelCine, The Studio-B&H, and Radiant Images. It is also available for rent via AbelCine and Radiant Images.

Jaunt ONE camera


Specifications J1-24G (Global Shutter)
Sensor 1/1.2”, native HD, global shutter
Frame Rate Up to 120 fps, configurable time lapse
ISO Max 1600
SNR @ ISO800 36 dB
Dynamic Range 10 stops per module
Up to 18 stops per scene
Optics Custom, 130º diagonal FOV, f/2.9
Output Resolution Up to 8K*4K per eye

Jaunt Cloud Services currently renders output at a maximum resolution of 4K*2K per eye


Jaunt's technology suite provides an end-to-end solution for
creating cinematic VR experiences. We have developed an
integrated pipeline of hardware and software tools for
producing the highest quality immersive content.

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  • Jaunt ONE Controller icon

    Jaunt ONE Controller

    Manage camera settings, configure shooting modes, take preview snapshots, check camera diagnostics, and format SD cards.

  • Jaunt Slate icon

    Jaunt Slate

    Digital clapper for use with Jaunt ONE. Identify the operator, scene, take, location, and more. Use to sync ambisonic audio when recording double-system.

  • Jaunt Media Manager icon

    Jaunt Media Manager

    Data wrangling done right. Import video and audio, see slate info, organize into recordings, generate previews, and upload recordings to Jaunt Cloud.

  • Jaunt Player icon

    Jaunt Player

    More than a VR video player. Features include 2D and 3D display of 360º videos, side-by-side stereo display for capable monitors / TVs / HMDs, ambisonic audio playback (in-video or standalone 4ch wav files), playlist management, DAW synchronization, and much more...

  • Jaunt Cloud Services icon

    Jaunt Cloud

    Secure cloud-based rendering and asset management. Scalable and high quality solution using AWS and Jaunt’s proprietary stitching algorithms to create a seamless 360° x 180° stereoscopic work product.

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    Jaunt App

    Worldwide distribution for Cinematic VR experiences across all platforms and headsets.

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