Content Specs

Content Guidelines

Jaunt showcases content in a broad range of categories, including travel, film and music. Content should be appropriate for all audiences and will go through a review process before being added to the Jaunt app and website.  Please see subject matter criteria, also in this document.

Video and Audio assets

All submisisons require a set of video and audio files as well as a poster frame used as a thumbnail image. 

Video file (ProRes, to come later if approved for publication by Jaunt):

Video file (High Bitrate MP4, use for initial submission):

Audio files:

Videos using Dolby Atmos:

Videos with Dolby Atmos should submit one of the following for audio in addition to the stereo .wav file:

Poster Frames

All submissions require a poster frame, which will be used as a thumbnail for the video. File requirements:

See diagram below for safe areas on the poster frame:

Sample Poster Frames

VR version:

Web version:

Additional Information

In addition to media assets, all submissions must include the following:


Content Criteria