Submission Guidelines

What we love about virtual reality is that we’re at the beginning of a new form of medium. We’re all discovering the language as we invent it, which means that many things we see in VR will work, but many more will not.


While we at Jaunt aren’t in any way the arbiters of the emerging language of VR, we don’t accept every VR experience submitted to us. To help give a guide of the things we’re looking for, we’ve developed guidelines based on what we’ve seen our audiences enjoy so far. From tech specs we recommend to content guidelines for what we’ll distribute, it’s these guidelines that we’ll have in mind when we review your content.


Production Guidelines
If the technology works, we shouldn’t notice it.



Content Guidelines
Common sense guidelines. Don’t cross any lines.




Technical Specifications
Send us your content in a format that we can review.


If your content is approved, we’ll follow up with you on the tech specs required to transcode your file with Jaunt Cloud Services.