Submission Guidelines

While we at Jaunt aren't in any way the arbiters of the emerging language of VR, we can't accept every VR experience submitted to us. To help you understand what we're looking for, we've developed guidelines based on what we've seen work for our audiences so far. From tech specs we recommend to content guidelines for what we'll distribute, it's these guidelines that we’ll have in mind when we review your content.

Production Guidelines

If the technology works, we shouldn't notice it.

  • We’re looking for premium content where visible stitching artifacts don’t distract from the experience. While it’s not always possible to achieve perfect stitching, it shouldn’t take your attention away from the story.

  • We’ll evaluate your piece on its level of motion intensity in VR. While we’re comfortable with camera movement, we try to avoid crossing the line between intense and unpleasant. Your piece should be watchable for most audiences.

  • While we support monoscopic experiences with stereo audio, we have a strong preference for stereoscopic video with spatialized audio. These formats provide the kinds of immersive experiences that can only be achieved in virtual reality.

Content Guidelines

We recommend common sense guidelines. Just don't cross any lines.

  • Content shouldn't be X-Rated.

  • Think of the border between PG-13 and R ratings: Nothing pointlessly violent or gory.

  • Avoid glorifying alcohol or drug abuse.

  • Walk the line between PG-13 and R ratings when it comes to offensive language.

  • Branded content is okay as long as storytelling comes first. We don’t accept overt commercials or explicit promotions for products or services.

  • Content intended to offend, threaten, or insult groups based on race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or other traits is inappropriate for our platform.

  • At this time, we can't easily localize or subtitle content. Your content should either be in English or be accessible to all viewers without needing to speak any language.

Technical Specifications

Send us your content in a format that we can review.

  • Share the URL: The URL must go to a live link where we can stream or download a VR experience that’s accessible on a headset.

  • Use a file transfer service like:
  • MP4 / h.264 file requirements:
    • Resolution = 3840 x 3840 or 4096 x 4096 stereoscopic
    • Resolution = 3840 x 1920 or 4096 x 2048 monoscopic
    • Square pixel aspect ratio: 1:1 SAR - 1:1 ; DAR: 1:1
    • Framerate = ATSC standard, 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 59.94, or 60
    • Audio authored at 48khz (48000hz)
    • 40mbit minimum data rate
    • Filesize = 4GB max

If your content is approved, we’ll follow up with you on the tech specs required to transcode your file with Jaunt Cloud Services.