Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve surveyed creators to anticipate any questions you might have. In case you have a question that’s not found here, please reach out to us at

Questions about content and distribution:

  • Go to our Submission Page and fill out our submission form. Send us a link where we can either download your video or watch it online. We prefer using services like Hightail, Dropbox, WeTransfer or Google Drive. While we love Pro Res video and Dolby Atmos audio, we don’t need the raw files to review your content, just let us know if you have them available.

  • With adoption of cinematic VR still in its early days, we’re forced to make some tough choices when it comes to the experiences that we publish on our platform. Please see our Submission Guidelines for an overview of how we determine whether an experience is appropriate for Jaunt.

  • In the current version of the Jaunt app, your credits must be included in the content description when you publish your work with us.

  • We want to make sure it’s easy for audiences to share and discover your video, so we provide every creator with a deep link to their content that takes viewers to your video with a single click from any device. We’ll also make every effort to share your social posts across our channels, but we can’t promise to proactively share every piece of content we publish. If we promote your content in any special way on our app or website, we’ll be in touch to let you know.

Legal Questions: