Creator Benefits

At Jaunt, we’re excited to collaborate with the growing community of VR creators who are defining the future of storytelling. With the creator-friendly technology of Jaunt Cloud Services (JCS), it’s never been easier to seamlessly publish and distribute your content on every platform and device.

  • There’s no need to encode manually anymore. Once your source file is in JCS, it’s automatically transcoded in the cloud for every device. You worry about creating the best content, we’ll make sure it’s a seamless VR experience for all audiences.  

  • We’re platform agnostic. Jaunt is committed to staying ahead of the curve and supporting the widest array of VR headsets and platforms available. Today, we support iOS, Android, Gear VR, Oculus Rift, Vive, PlayStation VR, and web 360.

  • Every video on Jaunt is assigned a unique deep link—a URL that brings viewers directly to your experience on any device. We’ve eliminated any friction between someone learning about your content and experiencing it.

  • When you’re featured in our app, our viewers know that you’ve been recognized as a leading VR creator whose content deserves to be featured among the best VR experiences.

  • We support your efforts to drive audiences to your work. We provide all our partners with social media marketing best practices that we’ve developed from promoting our own content. Additionally, we can amplify your promotional efforts across our own social and PR channels.