Welcome to Jaunt Cloud Services (JCS),
the leading solution for cloud-based
cinematic virtual reality stitching
and rendering.

Our team is excited to introduce this toolset to the
professional VR community. In making JCS available to the
public, our intent is to help lift the technical burden for
creators, making professional VR production as smooth
and easy as possible.

Jaunt ONE camera


For a limited time we are making access to JCS available
under the following terms:

  • Low Resolution Preview Renders:
    • Users are able to upload an unlimited quantity of raw footage
      and the resulting low resolution renders are FREE.
  • High Quality Final Renders:
    • Users get the first 2 UNITS of our High Quality rendered output for FREE.
    • After the first complimentary 2 UNITS, users can purchase UNITS of High Quality renders at $300 per UNIT (equivalent to 1 minute of 4K@59.94FPS render). UNITS must be purchased in advance of rendering.
  • Publishing:
    • Users are free to distribute their finished content on any platform. While we hope you distribute with Jaunt Publishing, there's no requirement to do so.
    • Significant discounts on future render time may be given to users who distribute content with Jaunt, provided the content is accepted for publication on the platform.
  • Additional Information:
    • We will store your raw and rendered footage for 3 months, free of charge.
      After that, storage fees apply
    • Our stitching and rendering algorithms are constantly improving. We will
      make best efforts to ensure that the image quality of the renders is consistent
      with the quality of the original 2 free UNITS of footage. However, we will
      not be responsible for issues stemming from poor production conditions or
      camera failure.
    • Keep in mind that your internet connection may limit upload speeds to JCS. For footage shot with Jaunt ONE, you can expect the following data rates and approximate upload durations:

      • Approximate data rate per minute of footage:
        One module: 450 MB
        Full camera (24 modules): 10.8 GB

      • Approximate upload duration per minute of footage:
        On a 5 Mbps connection: 4.8 hours
        On a 10 Mbps connection: 2.4 hours
        On a 100 Mbps connection: 14.4 minutes
        On a 1 Gbps connection: 1.4 minutes

We’re thrilled to welcome you to try out Jaunt’s end-to-end cinematic VR production
pipeline. As an early partner, we hope you will share with us any feedback on changes or
additions that you feel could make the product better. We are constantly improving our
tools and services and value your input.

How it Works

  1. Sign up for a Jaunt Cloud Services (JCS) Account (sign-up form below)
  2. Following Workflow/Process documentation available on JCS you can:
    1. Upload your content to Jaunt Cloud using Jaunt Media Manager for Mac.
    2. Generate previews and high resolution stitch renderings of your content in the cloud.
    3. Preview your content in a web, mobile or VR headset.
  3. Download content for editing and post production.
  4. Publish your content with Jaunt by submitting to Jaunt Publishing (optional).