Virtual Reality takes flight with Jaunt and Qantas

by The Jaunt VR Team -

Yesterday, we announced our partnership with Australian airline Qantas to bring cinematic VR experiences to in-flight entertainment. For the first time, customers will be able to truly experience Australian travel without leaving the ground. Qantas is providing its customers Samsung Gear VR headsets featuring custom Jaunt content on select A380 flights.

Working with Qantas to capture the essence of their brand, we created a series of vignettes to give viewers a unique experience and sample of what virtual reality content is like. The content allows viewers to explore a Qantas airport lounge, watch a Qantas flight take off and land, visit the top of the Sydney Harbor Bridge, and travel through an Australian nature scene.

This groundbreaking service is being offered to customers as part of a three-month trial. An important step in exploring new avenues for VR, we are giving people access in new ways and using VR to innovate for travel.

With virtual reality, you can see what the view from your hotel room will be or experience the luxury of a 5-star suite from the comfort of your couch. Imagine exploring new destinations you’ve never before considered traveling to, or simply feeling as though you’re already on the beach before you even arrive.

Your flight will become a part of your vacation when you can relax into an immersive experience moments after takeoff. We look forward to the growing use of VR for travel and tourism, and are thrilled with this initial release of an in-flight virtual reality entertainment.

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